Reviewers wanted for JRFF

The new Journal for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism (announced in an earlier post on this blog) is seeking reviews of recent works dealing with any aspect of freemasonry and fraternalism.
English or French reviews of circa 500-750 words should provide a critical summary of the chosen book and place its findings in the context of current academic research. More in-depth review essays dealing with several books on a given subject are also welcome.
If you are interested in contributing a review, please contact the review editor at rpeter@lit.u-szeged.hu. The deadline for review submissions is 25th January, 2009.


Website: Pietre Stones

More and more literature on the history of freemasonry is being made available on the net, for instance on the Italian website Pietre Stones, Review of Freemasonry. The site provides reprints of articles by academic researchers, as well as online versions or pdf-files of 18th century exposures on freemasonry. It also makes the work of well-known 19th and 20th century authors, such as Gould and Mackey, available to a wide audience.
There are some points of criticism: first time visitors might have some trouble navigating the site, and making a clear distionction between articles with academic and masonic viewpoints is left to the reader. But the continual expansion of the information adds to the importance of this site for students and scholars.