New publications

- Several scholarly articles on freemasonry can be found as downloads on the French website www.revues.org (search term: franc maconnerie). [Thanks to Andrew Prescott for the suggestion!]

- James Daniel, The 4th Earl Carnarvon (1831-1890) and freemasonry in the
British Empire, PhD thesis.

- Cécile Révauger et Jacques Ch. Lemaire (ed.), Les femmes et la franc-maconnerie. Des Lumieres a nos jours, (conference du programme de recherche Le Monde magonnique, LNS, Bordeaux 3, 17-19 June 2010). Vol. 1: Les XVIIIe et XIXe siecles and Vol. 2: XXe et XXIe siecles are available. Price: € 30,-. Orders: La Pensie et les Hommes, christiane.loir[at]ulb.ac.be.

- Marscha Keith Schuchard, Emanuel Swedenborg, Secret Agent on Earth and in Heaven: Jacobites, Jews, and Freemasons in Early Modern Sweden, Leiden: Brill, 2011 (Northern World Series 55).

- Audrey Carpenter, John Theophilus Desaguliers: a Natural Philosopher, Engineer and Freemason in Newtonian England', Continuum Books, ISBN 978-1-4411-2778-5.

- Ric Berman, The Foundations of Modern Freemasonry. The Grand Architects - Political Change and the Scientific Enlightenment, 1714-1740.

- Papeles de Masoneria, vol. V, 2011, Centro Ibérico de Estudios Masónicos (CIEM). This edition  is dedicated to the relationship between Freemasonry and theatre or the dramatization of initiation ceremonies.

- Paul Richard Calderwood, Freemasonry and the press in twentieth-century Britain, PhD thesis University of London (Faculty of Arts, Goldsmiths College), London 2011.