In order to stimulate interest in the history of freemasonry the OVN Foundation regularly organizes lectures, courses, international conferences and other events for a wide audience.

Programma 2011


Earlier activities

- Course on the importance of lodge archives as a source for historical and genealogical research, organized in cooperation with the Municipal Archive in The Hague (2009);

- Course aimed at members of masonic lodges on the conservation of lodge archives, objects and buildings and related subsidy opportunities (2009);

- National conference at the National Library in The Hague: Geheime kennis. De bijzondere bibliotheken en archieven van ma├žonnieke en esoterische organisaties in Nederland (= Secret knowledge. The special libraries and archives of masonic and esoteric organisations in the Netherlands, 2008);

- Information day on the aims and activities of the OVN Foundation in the lodge building in The Hague (2008);

- International conference in Schwetzingen Castle (Germany), followed by the publication of the conference prints: Symbolism in 18th Century Gardens. The Influence of Intellectual and Esoteric Currents, such as Freemasonry (2006);

- Lecture series on academic research into freemasonry and western esotericism in cooperation with Aries/Chair for the history of Hermetic philosophy and related currents, University of Amsterdam (2006).

- International conference at the National Library in The Hague, followed by the publication of the conference prints: Masonic and Esoteric Heritage. A New Perspective for Art and Heritage Policies (2005).

- Lecture series Wetenschappers vertellen over vrijmetselarij (= Scholars on freemasonry) in the lodge building in The Hague (2005);

- National conference at the Leiden University, followed by the publication of the conference prints: Vrijmetselarij in Nederland. Een kennismaking met de wetenschappelijke studie van een ‘geheim’ genootschap (= Freemasonry in the Netherlands. An introduction to the academic study of a 'secret' society, 2003).