Freemasonry and facism

The 10th volume of the German academic book series Quellen und Darstellungen zur europäischen Freimaurerei has just been published. The title is: Freimaurerei und europäischer Faschismus.
The relationship between freemasonry and fascism has for a long time been somewhat of a taboo subject, but has more recently become a focus point of researcher in the field of study. The authors of this volume discuss the complex relationship between European fascism, as well as it's differentiation into German National Socialism, Austrian and Itialian fascism, the 'Action française' and Franco's regime in Spain. Fascisme is presented as a European historical phenomenen, which has developed into different branches, which both overlap and differ from each other. With this book the authors aim to fill in a gap in our knowledge of the more recent history of freemasonry.

Publication: Helmut Reinalter (ed.), Freimaurerei und europäischer Faschismus (Quellen und Darstellungen zur europäischen Freimaurerei, Band 10), Studienverlag, Innsbruck/Wien/Bozen 2009, 120 pages, ISBN 978-3-7065-4711-6, € 22.90.