- More and more researchers and institues are now active on social media, including The Journal for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism. The JRFF now has its own profile page on facebook and academia.edu

- Louis Trebuchet has launched a website, which allows researchers to  upload and download digitalised sources and literature on masonic study: Masoniclib. The project aims to make as many e-books and digitalised documents as possible available for researchers (provided they are free from copyrights). The site can be searched on title, author or publication. It is also possible to place a request for a particular rare document to be uploaded.

- Simon Burrows and Mark Curran are involved in the online project The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe. This database contains all the books produced by bookseller and publisher Société Typographique de Neuchatel (STN), in the period 1769-1794. The website is an important source for bibliographical, historical and literary study, and is now freely available. The collection contains several works that are connected with freemasonry and historical figures such as Cagliostro.