Le Droit Humain's historical archive

The Dutch Federation of the International Order of Mixed Freemasonry 'Le Droit Humain' is preparing the move of its historical library and archives, dating back to the foundation of it's first lodge in 1904. The planned move provided a good opportunity to make a start with the necessary conservation and registration of the collection. The whole archive is transferred to acid-free boxes, and all files are noted in a basic registration, which can be used to make a more detailed inventory at a later date. The OVN Foundation has an advisory rol in this process, and is also assisting the daily work.
At the upcoming national meeting of Le Droit Humain it will be decided where this historical collection will be housed. Options are: realising new housing using the Order's own means or finding room within an existing heritage organisation, where conditions for storage are already available at an optimal level. The possibilities to make the archive between 1904-1945 accessible for research will also be considered.

[Photo 1: The uninventoried archive in it's old depot. Photo 2: All files are wrapped in acid-free archive folders and then transferred to acid-free cardbord boxes, in order to prevent decay.]

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