New Board Member OVN

The board of the OVN has recently welcomed a new member: drs. Jimmy Koppen. He graduated as an historian and is currently working as a researcher at the Center for Academic and Secular Archives (CAVA), Free University Brussels - VUB. Koppen is also a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group Freemasonry (FREE) and adjunct professor at Vesalius College Brussels. He regulary publishes on Freemasonry, secularism and freethought and political history of Belgium. Amongst his publications is a book on the actions of the Nazi regime against Freemasons ans Jews in occupied Belgium, 1940-1944 (Passer en Davidster) and The Economics of Providence. Management, finances and patrimony of religious orders and congregations in Europe, 1773-1930 (co-edited with Maarten Van Dijck, Jan De Maeyer and Jeffrey Tyssens). He also wrote the Dutch edition of Freemasons for Dummies, and has a personal blog on Freemasonry (in Dutch only).

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