A rediscovered masonic object

The website of the Musée de la Grande Loge de France lists several recent aquisitions. One of those caught the attention of Dutch researchers: a large cup, dating from 1872. It was a gift of lodge Het Vrij Geweeten in Breda, the Netherlands, to its Worshipful Master P.J. Six, celebrating his rule of 20 years as Master of the Lodge. It is described in lodge archives as a 'milieu de table', made of silver and crystal, decorated with heraldic and masonic emblems and an inscription.
This appears to have been one of the many possessions of Dutch lodges, which were looted by occupying forces during World War II. Many objects of masonic silver were melted at the time, but this must have travelled through Europe instead, passing from owner to owner. Luckily, the object ended up in a masonic museum, where it can now be viewed and studied. But to the Dutch lodge, it remains a 'missing' part of its heritage.

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